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Extensible: 3rd Party Plugins

I have Google Alerts set up to email me any new content for "ExtJS" every week.  I think that's how I came across Extensible - a professional 3rd party ExtJS component developer. Just take a look at their Calendar component demos:

 There are really 4 types of code you can work with, when it comes to ExtJS development:

  1. Native ExtJS components
  2. Professional 3rd party components (Extensible is first one I've seen)
  3. User extensions
  4. Your own code

The further away you are from #1, the more likely that code is to have errors, whenever new ExtJS versions ship.  I even ran into it with native ExtJS date inputs when they went from 4.0.2 to 4.0.7 - getValue() format became different and I had to refactor some code. That is why I welcome professional 3rd party extensions and would be glad to pay money for them.

Currently the Calendar component is the only offering in the Extensible library, but I hope to see that change soon.  I envision Extensible becoming something similar to what DevExpress became to C#. Give 'em a try!

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