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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (3)

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In this example we will enhance our buffered ExtJS4 gridpanel by adding a little flash to the "Notes" field. We will use the power of XTemplate to add conditional row icon button switching. We will add a "notes" field to our model and the grid button will display different icons, based on whether notes are present:

The trick is to use XTemplate's conditional processing inside of our actioncolumn:

Full Source & Demo @ jsFiddle.net

	header: 'Notes'
	, width: 40
	, xtype: 'templatecolumn'
	, tpl: '<tpl if="notes">'		+ '<img src="http://whatisextjs.com/BAHO/icons/note_edit.png" style="cursor:pointer;">'		+ '</tpl><tpl if="notes==null">'		+ '<img src="http://whatisextjs.com/BAHO/icons/note.png" style="cursor:pointer;">'		+ '</tpl>'	, listeners: { 
		click: function(g, td) {
		   var record = grid.getSelectionModel().getSelection()[0];
		   Ext.Msg.alert('Notes', record.data.notes);
		} // eo click
	} // eo listeners
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