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ExtJS 4 Download File Button

Here's a bit of undocumented goodness. In this tutorial we'll set up an ExtJS 4 button to act just like a link that pops up in new window:

<a href="..." target="_blank"/>

This is useful if you have a web application where the user never navigates away from the page and everything works over AJAX. If you simply have an ExtJS4 button and try to open a file download via JS, you will have low browser support due to popup blockers, etc. If you're thinking of styling a link like an ExtJS 4 button - try it, if you got an hour.


The magic is in the undocumented attributes target and hrefTarget:

    xtype: 'button'
    , icon: 'http://whatisextjs.com/BAHO/icons/disk.png'
    , text: 'Download'
    , href: 'http://WhatIsExtJS.com'
    , target: '_blank' // removed in 4.1    , hrefTarget: '_blank' // used in 4.1}
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  1. Hello, Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. It is really helpful. I like to know is it possible to load the download files dinamically. ie to create items dynamilcally .. something like
    for(n time )
    xtype: ….

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