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ExtJS5 vs ExtJS4 Config System

With ExtJS5 beta announced last week there were clear efforts on behalf of ExtJS 5 to behave closer to Sencha Touch in regards to utilizing the unique and powerful config system. Last year I wrote ExtJS vs. Touch Config System article to highlight some important differences. Today I'd like to explore this topic in the context of different versions of ExtJS 4 and ExtJS 5 beta.

ExtJS5 config

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ExtJS4+ “IntelliSense” in Eclipse :)

On Tuesday Sencha announced "Complete" and "Complete: Team" bundles, where of particular interest to me was the Eclipse "IntelliSense" Plugin (see Sencha's excellent video).

I tried it for myself - it's a pretty standard Eclipse plugin install:

There's an Eclipse tutorial for how to setup a project; it took me about 5 minutes. I got stuck in a few spots, but figured it out. I plugged in a basic Fieldset extension and look at the depth of auto-complete - it recognizes ExtJS object hierarchy in great depth:

There's also Eclipse help covering the great range of features. Overall, I was very impressed.

I use Notepad++, but this just might sway me to use Eclipse. Although, the $995 for the cheapest bundle option, is rather stingy. I really wish Sencha would offer this as a stand-alone product.

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ExtJS 4.1 Data Store Sorting

ExtJS 4+ data stores allow you to sort data rather easily through either a "sorters" configuration on the store itself, or through the store "sort" method.  Only one problem: all sorting is case-sensitive.  Here's a quick example of how you can customize the sorter to be case-insensitive, in a context of a combo box:

	xtype: 'combo',
	fieldLabel: 'Supervisor',
	name: 'manager',
	queryMode: 'remote',
	store: Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', {
		fields: ['displayName', 'distinguishedName'],
		proxy: Ext.create('T4E.proxy.MSAjaxProxy', {
			url: '/User/SearchManager', reader: { type: 'json' }
		}), // eo proxy
		sorters: [{ 
			property: 'displayName'
			, transform: function(val) { 				return val.toLowerCase(); 			} 		}] // eo sorters
	}), // eo store
	displayField: 'displayName',
	valueField: 'distinguishedName',
	forceSelection: true,
	typeAhead: true,
	minChars: 1
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ExtJS 4.1 Fieldset Icons

Last year I had this working with ExtJS 4.0.x - see here.

Since ExtJS 4.1 came out, Sencha made some significant changes to the internal structure of the fieldset and this customization stopped working. Here's newest override that will work with 4.1:

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