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ExtJS4 Sencha API Down

I've come to rely on Sencha's online API for my day-to-day work. Sure, I can use the static docs that come bundled with ExtJS download, but since they introduced API comments, the online version is so much more invaluable.

Unfortunately, today around 8:50 AM PST the docs were down, causing me much grief. Technical difficulties, I guess:

Clean up your act Sencha!

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (1)

In this tutorial series we'll walk through various approaches for setting up buttons inside ExtJS grid. We will use Sencha's buffered grid example as base grid. This example will demonstrate ExtJS 4 native capabilities - via the actioncolumn:

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ExtJS 4 Download File Button

Here's a bit of undocumented goodness. In this tutorial we'll set up an ExtJS 4 button to act just like a link that pops up in new window:

<a href="..." target="_blank"></a>

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ASP.NET AJAX & ExtJS 4 Grid (4)

Read Previous Example First!

In this example, we'll improve our ExtJS 4 model to include an "association" that it will read from XML produced by AJAX call to ASP.NET. Most common association is one to many, for example: your Client can place multiple Orders. An ExtJS 4 data store and model can accommodate this.

The new XML data packet will look like this; notice hiddenAttributes:

&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&gt;
		&lt;name&gt;Number 0&lt;/name&gt;
	&lt;match&gt;&lt;id&gt;1&lt;/id&gt;&lt;name&gt;Number 1&lt;/name&gt;&lt;/match&gt;
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ASP.NET AJAX & ExtJS 4 Grid (3)

Read Previous Example First!

In this example, we'll be returning additional data to our ExtJS4 data store, which is passed from ASP.NET over AJAX in XML format. It's common to show grid row count in the form title, as well as something else in the header, such as final SQL or LDAP query used by your ASP.NET AJAX script (WebMethod).

Combine this with ExtJS4 buffered grid's ability to only render 50 HTML rows with infinite scrolling, this makes  the stock ExtJS4 gridpanel an extremely powerful application in its own right, very good at running large data queries.  On a decent computer with decent Internet connection this will smoke the traditional buffered grid, which ajax back on every scroll.

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