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Sencha’s Forum Spammed

First off let me say that Sencha is a young company and I am behind their vision 100%. Looks like they're going through some rough waters - their forum has been flooded with spam like I've never seen. Take a look:


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ExtJS4 Clean Custom Builds

In this tutorial I will show you how to reduce your ExtJS4 application load times by half, using Sencha SDK Tools. Also, I will show you how to do a clean custom build, the kind that doesn't cause your production code to occasionally download JS files via autoloader. Another gem of this example - we'll get our "compiled" JS down to just about 100 KB, instead of 500 KB+ that results if you follow other tutorials.

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ExtJS 4 Form getValues() Tip

Another bit of undocumented goodness from yours truly. As you probably know, ExtJS4 form panel contains a very useful method: formpanel.getForm().getValues(), which lets you populate an object with form's data. Unfortunately, string format is used for all fields, even datefields. I will show you how to easily get valid data types through an undocumented feature:

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (3)

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In this example we will enhance our buffered ExtJS4 gridpanel by adding a little flash to the "Notes" field. We will use the power of XTemplate to add conditional row icon button switching. We will add a "notes" field to our model and the grid button will display different icons, based on whether notes are present:

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (2)

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In this example I'll show you a slightly different approach to adding buttons to a buffered ExtJS4 grid - using templatecolumn. We will add an img element to the HTML markup and intercept click events on the whole table cell. This also lets us enhance normal text cells:

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