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Another ExtJS Pro Shop!

I came across a second company that develops and sells custom ExtJS components: Bryntum. Check out their amazing Gantt Demo:

...this is all drag-and-drop, in browser! Even works in IE! Windows-GUI-quality component!

They have a few more components, but this one just blows my mind.  I've always believed in ExtJS, but now i see that it truly is the next stage in evolution of JavaScript. Sencha, you will cash in big. Now there are at least 2 pro shops who will as well.

If there are more companies out there, please let me know; only other one I heard of is Extensible.

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Extensible: 3rd Party Plugins

I have Google Alerts set up to email me any new content for "ExtJS" every week.  I think that's how I came across Extensible - a professional 3rd party ExtJS component developer. Just take a look at their Calendar component demos:

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