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ExtJS4 Dev Tools of a Pro

Apologies for the self-proclaimed "Pro" title. My cred: 1 year ExtJS3 and ExtJS4 for almost a year now, since it came out. I build enterprise portals for large organizations and I usually develop remotely over VPN in Clients' environments. This means I do not always have the luxury of installing Visual Studio, so I have to stick to a minimal setup. However, it works great!

Let's start of with my favorite: Notepad++

  • Small download & very fast application
  • Use "Explorer" plugin (left panels in the above screenshot)
  • Shown with "Obsidian" theme
  • Has syntax highlighting for pretty much every language
  • Can zoom in/out of text very easy ; great for working with text on 24"+ monitors
  • Great support for file searching & replacing
  • Can collapse sections
My next tool "combo" is FireFox + FireBug + Illuminations
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Down with SOPA & PIPA

Please check out Google's excellent page where you can learn more and sign an online petition against this pending legislation in the US.

Currently, there's no one in the world that can take down any website. At best, you can pursue local laws against hosting providers for a site you want taken down. If this legislation goes through, someone (i.e. Facebook) could throw some dollars at some lawyers and politicians, and get a "on/off" button to kill, let's say Google Plus service, with complete disregard for any judicial process.

This affects every single person reading this page. If Sencha disagrees with my message here - tough luck. It's a free Internet. If PIPA/SOPA goes through, Sencha could have this page taken down in a flash, using nothing but money.

I urge you to spread awareness of this message! Share this post!

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ExtJS4 Clean Custom Builds (2)

See Previous Example first!

In this tutorial we'll make a Windows batch script to automate building of the custom ExtJS4 framework. We'll also touch on declaring dependencies in custom components. Ultimately, this serves for much faster load times and less wasted bandwidth:

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Sencha’s Forum Spammed

First off let me say that Sencha is a young company and I am behind their vision 100%. Looks like they're going through some rough waters - their forum has been flooded with spam like I've never seen. Take a look:


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ExtJS4 Clean Custom Builds

In this tutorial I will show you how to reduce your ExtJS4 application load times by half, using Sencha SDK Tools. Also, I will show you how to do a clean custom build, the kind that doesn't cause your production code to occasionally download JS files via autoloader. Another gem of this example - we'll get our "compiled" JS down to just about 100 KB, instead of 500 KB+ that results if you follow other tutorials.

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