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ExtJS 4 Form getValues() Tip

Another bit of undocumented goodness from yours truly. As you probably know, ExtJS4 form panel contains a very useful method: formpanel.getForm().getValues(), which lets you populate an object with form's data. Unfortunately, string format is used for all fields, even datefields. I will show you how to easily get valid data types through an undocumented feature:

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (3)

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In this example we will enhance our buffered ExtJS4 gridpanel by adding a little flash to the "Notes" field. We will use the power of XTemplate to add conditional row icon button switching. We will add a "notes" field to our model and the grid button will display different icons, based on whether notes are present:

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (2)

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In this example I'll show you a slightly different approach to adding buttons to a buffered ExtJS4 grid - using templatecolumn. We will add an img element to the HTML markup and intercept click events on the whole table cell. This also lets us enhance normal text cells:

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ExtJS4 Sencha API Down

I've come to rely on Sencha's online API for my day-to-day work. Sure, I can use the static docs that come bundled with ExtJS download, but since they introduced API comments, the online version is so much more invaluable.

Unfortunately, today around 8:50 AM PST the docs were down, causing me much grief. Technical difficulties, I guess:

Clean up your act Sencha!

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ExtJS 4 Grid Button (1)

In this tutorial series we'll walk through various approaches for setting up buttons inside ExtJS grid. We will use Sencha's buffered grid example as base grid. This example will demonstrate ExtJS 4 native capabilities - via the actioncolumn:

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